Ok, claim nothin, all I did was re:encode the mkv file to mp4 & burned the subs. Hope this helps for those who can’t torrent or play mkv!

The lovable goofs~

I just clicked a random point in the movie to make sure it works & this is the scene that was at the random point… ROFL
Green x Black

wahhhhhh <3


Toei Hero Next #1 - Piece ~ Kioku no Kakera

These gifs are from the first TOEI HERO NEXT, which starred KR OOOs leading men Watanabe Shu and…

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I laugh so much at this!

Toei Hero Next - Piece
D/n: Nyaa - Furk

wow… ok storyline was ok & they milked the multi personality only because he played Ankh beforehand. the endin was interesting…..

Note: for furk you can get a account w FB login. I have a few spare keys if don’t wanna. [I’m thinkin about re-encodin this for mp4 if anyone is interested]